Fethiye – The ancient Telmessos

Fethiye is a beautiful coastal town located in the southwestern coast of Turkey. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning beaches, clear turquoise waters, and historical sites. This charming town should definitely be on your list when chartering a yacht from Gocek or Marmaris.

A popular attraction in Fethiye is the ancient city of Telmessos, which was founded in the 5th century BC. The city was later conquered by the Romans, and many of its ruins are still visible today, including the amphitheatre, rock tombs, and ancient fortress.

Fethiye also has a bustling town centre with a variety of shops, restaurants, and bars. The town has a rich history and culture, and visitors can enjoy exploring the local markets, trying traditional Turkish cuisine, and learning about the town’s history and traditions.

The bar street offers a nice choice of bars, clubs and Cafes, with live music and lots of entertainment.

That is the reason why Fethiye is such a popular sailing destination and frequently visited by charter sailors.

There are several opportunities to moor up your boat in Fethiye.

Ece Saray Marina  36° 37′ 55” N / 29° 06′ 10” E

The Ece Saray Marina is a classic Marina and offers services, such as electricity, water, showers and toilets, fuel station, 2 restaurants and a supermarket, along with some ship chandelier.

You should make a reservation a head, and call the marina at arrival on the VHF channel 73

In order to reach the old town and the famous fish market of Fethiye, you only have to walk for 10 minutes from Ece Saray Marina.

phone +90 252 612 88 29.  mail: marina@ecemarina.com web: www.ecesaray.com.tr

Yacht Classic Hotel  36˚ 37.4′ N / 29˚ 05.9′ E

Another very charming spot is right next door to Ece Saray Marina, the Yacht Classic Hotel. There are newly build pontoons, with electricity and water available.

The Yacht Classic hotel is used by many yacht charter skipper as it offers a great premises, with a large pool, pool bar, an excellent restaurant and a Spa centre with a Turkish bath / Hamam.

There are showers and toilets available.

If you are sailing with children, this is certainly the place to go, they can swim in the children pool and run around.

Using the Hotels restaurant will guarantee you a discount on the jetty and we promise, you won’t be sorry as the food is excellent and the ambience very beautiful.

Again, from here you will reach Fethiye old town by walking only 15 minutes. For this mooring place we absolutely recommend reservation up front as this is a very popular destination amongst charter skippers and sailors.

phone: +90 252 612 50 67   mail: info@yachtclassichotel.com web:  www.yachtclassichotel.com

Yes Marina.  36.6206° N, 29.0929° E

Yes Marina has been accommodating charter visitors since over 20 years and the two brothers running this little Marina are known along the coast. There are pontoons with electricity and water, shower and toilets and a restaurant, right next to the water.

It is probably the most quiet place of the three Marinas as it is located further in to the bay. From Yes Marina, you can take a 25 minutes walk to reach the old town, or you can grab a minibus passing by the marina ever 15 Minutes.

phone: +90 252 614 22 58. mail: yesmarina@hotmail.com web: www.yesmarina.com