A guest blog post from one of Sailvation’s clients

I have been sailing in and around Gocek with my family for decades, to explore the plethora of beauty that the Turkish coast has to offer. Every year, we come together as a family and return to this most magical of places. Whether it’s the beautiful sunshine, hidden bays, glittering waters, friendly locals or delicious food, sailing in this area of the Gulf of Fethiye offers a truly unique experience. In this post, I will share what makes sailing aboard a chartered yacht here so special to us, and aim to provide some insight into what you can expect from a Gocek sailing holiday!

Bay hopping and route planning

Once you’ve been checked onto your boat by your charter host and finished the safety briefing with your captain (in my case, my father!), you’re ready to set sail. This is my absolute favourite aspect of chartered yacht sailing holidays: setting off with the total freedom to explore hidden inlets and coves, teeming with wildlife and nature. There are hundreds of safe and well-protected moorings to choose from surrounding Gocek, and many options to consider, but our family’s preferred choice is to set sail towards Kalkan, stopping along the way at Cold Water Bay, 22 Fathoms Cove (brilliant for swimming, and we always see kingfishers and sometimes a pod of dolphins in that area), Seagull Bay and Sarsala. We usually stay a night or two in either Kalkan or Kas; this gives you the chance to restock on food and water supplies and (most importantly!) have hot showers and do any laundry if you’re sailing for longer than a week. Both offer safe moorings, beautiful historic sites and many lovely restaurants. It’s important to remember that when it comes to planning this aspect of your trip, Sailvation can help with suggesting bays and routes. Inci is incredibly knowledgeable about the geography of this area, and is always on hand to offer advice and support.

Life aboard the boat

Life aboard a yacht is a truly unique way to spend a vacation. Some of my favourite holiday memories were spent sitting at the dinner table in the main cabin, surrounded by loved ones. When you’re not sailing, swimming or just watching the world go by on deck, there is always plenty to do below deck. The first priority, of course, is to keep things ship-shape, as no one likes a messy cabin (I had to learn this the hard way as a child!). It’s a good idea to tidy up as you go along when space is tight, particularly when cooking on board.

We always bring a pack of cards and a few games (Monopoly Deal and Pass the Pigs have been recent favourites!), and have wiled away many happy hours chatting and playing tournaments over a few bottles of cold beer. If you’re an avid reader, a sailing holiday is the perfect setting to rip through a few novels (I’d recommend Birds Without Wings by Louis De Berniere, if you want to read about the very area you’re sailing in). Of course, there is internet available on board thanks to the wifi dongle, however I’ve always preferred limiting my internet access when sailing to give me a proper ‘digital detox’ experience.

To summarise, there really is no other holiday like a sailing holiday. We return to Gocek and the surrounding area every year because it never disappoints. Over the years we have had family holidays, sailed with friends or partners, and every trip has been totally magical. Young or old, there really is something for everyone.

Alice Kidd