We answer a few questions for you

How does a sailing holiday actually work? Is a holiday on a sailing boat also possible on a smaller budget? How do I choose the right boat and area? Do I need a sailing licence to charter a sailing boat? What is a professional skipper? Is it possible to sail with children on board in a relaxed way?

We answer some questions to bring you closer to your dream holiday.

Who wouldn’t like to glide silently through the waves and sail the seas with the wind? Lying at anchor in romantic bays and marvelling at a clear sky full of sparkling stars? Jump into the turquoise water after getting up in the morning and then enjoy a hearty breakfast on deck, while admiring the beautiful landscape of the bay?

How much budget do I need?

It is difficult to give a general answer to this question. The prices for a sailing holiday vary depending on the size of the boat between 10 and 17 metres 3.000- 12.000/ +++ Euro per week. This is the charter fee which can then be divided by the number of persons. Depending on the number of cabins, 6-10 people can sail together, on larger yachts up to 20 people. If a professional skipper is required, his daily fee will be added, depending on the charter base, between 160-200 Euros / day. In addition, the skipper must also be provided with food.
Furthermore, there are the diesel costs, which can vary depending on consumption, but generally rarely exceed 250 euros in a week’s charter.
To save costs, you can of course cook on board every day, cooker and fridge and cooking utensils are generally available. But you can also moor up in the numerous bay restaurants and enjoy an extended dinner there.

Which boat suits me?

We are here to help you find the right boat. Whether it’s a catamaran, monohull, gulet or a crewed sailing yacht or Catamaran. There are so many different variations. After a personal conversation, in which we ask you some questions about the number of people travelling with you, friends or family, interests and wishes, we can get a better picture of what will fit you. Then we will send you suggestions of different yachts by email, with all the information, pictures and layout of the yacht. You can then choose the boat that suits you best.

Which crusing area is the most beautiful?

The Mediterranean is teeming with wonderful sailing areas. For newcomers, we recommend Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Majorca, but also Italy and its beautiful islands, such as Sardinia and Sicily. Each area has its own special features, whether it is picturesque beaches and bays, ancient sites or popular hiking routes that can be reached from the bays. Of course, there are also plenty of options for the more sociable holidaymakers who like to go shopping and visit the local bars and nightclubs.

Even without a sailing licence you can experience a sailing holiday

If you want to be a skipper yourself and charter a yacht for a sailing holiday in the Mediterranean, you actually have to present a sailing licence in most countries. Many different certificates are recognised, such as RYA Day Skipper, SBF, SKS or international bare boat skipper certificate.
But even without a sailing licence and the necessary experience, you can enjoy a sailing trip.

There are skippered charters, where you and your family/friends charter the boat and a professional skipper is booked, or crewed charters, where the whole staff, such as captain, cook and mate are on board and take care of everything during your stay.
This means you just sit back and enjoy.

What exactly is a professional skipper?

The professional skipper must have all the necessary qualifications for the sailing area and the size of the boat, and must of course also have a certain amount of experience.
In the case of charter boats, the hired skippers usually come from the local sailing area, which is why they can often give tips for planning the route and shore excursions. They recommend the most beautiful beaches and sights. Holidaymakers have the chance to discover places they would not have seen otherwise – through their personal travel guide, so to speak. But the real job of a skipper is the safe management of the yacht and the responsibility for the crew.

Where do you sleep – and where does the skipper stay?

There are different layouts, double beds in the cabins, or double bunk beds. Larger yachts also have a choice of double bed or twin bed cabins. Usually the cabins have en suite bathroom, sometimes the bathrooms are shared, depending on the size and layout of the boat.
The beauty of a boating holiday is that you can wake up somewhere different every morning, as you have your ‘bedroom’ with you, so to speak. Either you moor in a marina, where there are amenities such as showers, restaurants, shopping and the company of other sailors.
Or you anchor in a quiet bay to be completely alone.
And the skipper? Some boat models have an additional small “crew” cabin for him. If not, you should consider an existing berth for him.

Is a sailing holiday with children safe?

Sailing holidays with children can be a lot of fun and also offer unforgettable moments for the little ones and their parents alike. It is important to pay attention to a few things and to inform yourself well about the sailing area and the weather beforehand. It makes sense to plan the sailing route accordingly and not shedule too many sailing hours, so that the ”little ones” also have enough time to let off steam in the bays, while swimming and playing. Life jackets for children are an absolute must.
Most charter companies provide children’s life jackets and a railing net if ordered in advance.

So nothing should stand in the way of your sailing holiday. We will be happy to arrange a free telephone consultation with you to advise you on other questions and topics, but above all to generate the right offer for you and to assist you with all our expertise, before and during your sailing trip.