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In addition to the yachts offered on our website, we have numerous more beautiful yachts in our programme. On request, we will be happy to send you a customised portfolio with more options.

Charter insurances

Deposit insurance: If the yacht is damaged during the sailing trip, the charter company is entitled to retain all or part of the deposit paid. This guarantee insurance for charter deposits covers this financial risk.
There is no excess for the deposit insurance with us. This insurance covers damage to the yacht you have chartered, e.g. paint scratches, sail, engine or gearbox damage or loss of a fender, etc.

Trip cancellation: If the skipper is unable to start the trip due to an insured event, the costs for the entire charter sailing trip will be reimbursed. If a crew member does not start the trip, their share will be reimbursed. Trip cancellation is always covered by our insurance. If required, the insolvency of the charter yacht operator can also be covered.

Skipper’s liability insurance: Covers damage to a charter yacht if gross negligence is proven, claims for damages between crew members, security deposits in foreign harbours and claims by the owner in the event of loss of charter income.

Passenger accident insurance: Covers accidents suffered by the skipper or the skipper and crew (based on the crew list).

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